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Welcome to the Alecaframe Documentation


Alecaframe is an unofficial companion app for the popular game Warframe, designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing valuable insights and tools. Integrated with Overwolf, Alecaframe offers a range of features to assist you in managing your in-game resources, optimizing your gameplay, and staying on top of the Warframe market.


Foundry Overview

  • View your foundry and the items you currently possess.
  • Track items you have mastered, can master, and plan to build.

Inventory Management

  • Monitor your current inventory, ensuring you are always aware of your resources.

Mastery Helper

  • Discover new items to build, strategically increasing your mastery rank.

Relic Planning

  • Plan the relics to open for maximum profit and strategic advancement.

Riven Management

  • Keep track of your rivens, including stats and additional information.

Stats History

  • View a comprehensive history of your in-game statistics, such as credits, platinum, and trades.

Trading Analytics (Premium Feature)

  • Access valuable insights into the Warframe market.
  • Identify items with a high market cap on Integration

  • Seamlessly access to view and manage your orders.
  • Place new sell/buy orders and automatically mark them as sold upon completing in-game trades.


AlecaFrame has a lot of overlays. Check this for a detailed explanation of each one.

Language compatibility

Some features (mainly overlays) are only compatible with certain game languages. More details in this table.

Getting Started

To get started with Alecaframe, follow the steps in Get-Started.

Support and Feedback

For any questions, issues, or feedback, feel free to visit our Discord.

Thank you for choosing Alecaframe to enhance your Warframe experience! Happy gaming!