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After linking with your Warframe Market account, this tab will show the listings and contracts of your Warframe.Market account.

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Logging in and out

You can log out of your Warframe Market account by clicking the "Log out" button on the top-right corner of the tab.

If you use Steam, Discord or any other method to login to Warframe Market, please check the FAQ for more info.

Fixing listings

When a listings has a "!" icon, it means that AlecaFrame couldn't find the listed item in your Warframe inventory.

You can manually edit/remove the listing or just click the "!" icon and AlecaFrame will adjust the quantity in the listing to the amount you currently have.

Bulk actions

There are 4 bulk action, which affect all orders or contracts in your Warframe.Market account:

  • Make listings visible: Makes all the listings or contracts visible.
  • Make listings invisible: Makes all the listings or contracts invisible.
  • Fix orders: Automatically tries to fix any listing or contract that has missing items. This process might take a while if AlecaFrame has to take a lot of actions.
  • Delete orders: Deletes all listings or contracts.