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Connecting your Warframe inventory to AlecaFrame

Once AlecaFrame and Warframe are running, AlecaFrame will periodically get inventory updates as you play the game.

If you have a very large Warframe inventory (lots of upgraded mods / a lot of warframe configs), it might take longer for your data to sync. Check the Forcing an inventory update section for more info.

If you are having issues connecting your account, you can check the troublehsooter:

Troubleshooter1 Troubleshooter1

These issues/limitations nearly always come from the Overwolf integration with Warframe, which is far from perfect.

Unfortunatelly, there isn't usually much I can do about it, but feel free to join the Discord server if you are unable to connect your account after a while.

Forcing an inventory update

If the data AlecaFrame has is out of date or you want to force an update, you can always travel to a relay (Strata Relay in Earth works fine) or a your clan dojo and back until the data updates. (You might need to do this 2-3 times before it works)

AlecaFrame ToS and EULA compliance

AlecaFrame uses Overwolf to access your Warframe inventory data in a way that is compliant with Warframe's ToS and EULA. Overwolf has been explicitly whitelisted to do so in DE's Thrid Party Policy article.